The Clear Choice for Westford Public Schools

I am a Mom of 3 elementary kids running for Westford School Committee. I advocate for equity, inclusivity and innovative education with transparency and communication. My background in communications and elementary teaching gives me a unique perspective to bring to the community.



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How is your background related to the board position you are seeking? 

I am currently a stay-at-home Mom, but I am also a qualified elementary teacher, have a Master’s in Education and hold a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations. I have experience working in the Irish, Scottish, and American education systems and prior to my teaching career, I worked for five years as a communications executive. Along with my career and qualifications I have also been a parent volunteer and board member of LexFun (a non-profit focused on supporting young families), and a classroom and library volunteer at Nabnasset Elementary School. As an educator and a Mom, I am passionate about creating a school system that nurtures and includes all our learners. I believe different voices and perspectives are always a huge benefit to school committees considering the breadth of issues that they engage in daily. As a member of the Westford School Committee, I will bring a fresh perspective where I will prioritize equity, inclusivity, communication, and innovation in our schools, while being transparent in my decision making.

Why did you decide to run for this board or committee this year?

I decided to run this year as I have 3 children in Nabnasset, and Abbot schools and I think that my background in education and communications would bring a different perspective to the School Committee that I feel is missing. This past year I felt with several school issues that transparency, communication, and thorough engagement across all involved groups could have been greatly improved. With Dr. Chew becoming our new Superintendent, I see now as a perfect opportunity to develop clear communication channels that are transparent and mindful in their approach. Another factor in deciding to run for School Committee this year is the dramatic change to our children’s lives and schooling, which has been stressful for all. The impacts from Covid are going to be far reaching from policies and procedures to budgeting and mental health support, and I want to be involved in these issues so that I can advocate for equity and inclusion whilst being mindful of our teaching staff.

If elected, what issues will be a priority for you and how would you address them?

I would like to see special education in Westford focus on equity and improved communication along with educational innovation. Westford is a fantastic school district, primarily due to the teachers who are hands on with our kids every day. However, being a mom of children receiving special education services I see this as an area in need of improvement. I want to also prioritize and advocate for better communication between the administration, the school committee, and the community. I believe that all communication should be strategic, mindful, transparent, and accessible. Collaborative decision making and open communication between these groups is key to building trust in the process. I am also concerned about recent budget cuts regarding K-2 years and the lack of full time Kindergarten. A strong educational foundation is imperative to a child’s development and without early intervention it puts pressure on the rest of the school system to plug gaps and play catch up which can leave some of our children feeling left behind and lacking in self-esteem.



April 14th

Join me live on Wednesday April 14th for the League of Women Voter's Candidate's night. It will be live on WestfordCAT and Webinar.


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